Wednesday, 1 December 2010

December 2

Marmalade making,
always baking.
Swimming in the shade,
it's Isidora Mermalade!

December 2

This is how it works; every day we open up the doors to todays house. And you tell us what he or she is planning to give to her/ his partner or friend or relative ( from the Isak shop ) for Christmas and why. You can even throw in a little christmas rhyme if you like!

Send us an e-mail or post a comment here on the blog - or simply buy something in the shop, and you will take part in todays draw. A box of Isak goodies is leaving the house to find a new home every day until Christmas!


Johki said...

She is happily singing
while joyful marmalade making
I can smell the scent of orange
oh she will need a storage
where to wrap the marmalades
Landsby cup that’s the one
Isidora will surprise her mom!

Lou @ Little Green Shed said...

Stirring & shaking
Mixing & baking
Her hands are too sticky
Poor Isadora is feeling icky
She mops her brow
Oh not what now?
She needs a her pal
Blossom & Bill towel.

Please enter me..this is a fab idea.
Lou x

elia said...

She loves it so
Swirl and twirl it
Mix it all in
Baking a cake
Sticky and sweet
Marmalade Loaf
Served as a gift
On a Lovebird tray
Happy Christmas dear Momma
This year is the best.


miss pixie said...

This is a great blog and have always admired your style, nice to know you are just along the coast in Arundel too, nice place to be. I am in Brighton hurrah for the sea :)