Thursday, 9 December 2010

December 9

No one lives here...
Oh dear...
They have been trying to sell,
but upon the house has ben cast a spell...

Who should move in?

December 9

This is how it works; every day we'll let you know who lives in todays house. And you tell us what he or she is planning to give to her/ his partner or friend or relative ( from the Isak shop ) for Christmas and why. You can even throw in a little christmas rhyme if you like!

Send us an e-mail or post a comment here on the blog - or simply buy something in the shop, and you will take part in todays draw. A box of Isak goodies is leaving the house to find a new home every day until Christmas!


next door Laura said...

The local lore is false,there's no hex, but rather a benign spirit who lives there. A little old lady whose hearing and vision is not so keen would be a perfect roommate for the friendly ghost who might look out for her when there is approaching peril, yet she will never know (for sure) that he is there.
The lady who has shown interest in the house really likes the Bill and Blossom items because they remind her of her lovely young neice Primrose and her nice young man, what's his name, oh yes, Gustav.

Sakura Jewellery said...
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Sakura Jewellery said...

Into number nine, move the family stein,
With their love of big trees, which little Menno climbs with ease,
A house warming with wine, where they'd laugh whilst they dine,
Using ISAK tea towels of Blossom & Bill, whilst they all eat their fill,
They welcome their neighbours with a hug and a smile, all in their innimitable classic stein style.