Sunday, 5 December 2010

December 6

A young lad he was,
the kind that don't give no toss.

He wanted some totty,
a real little hotty!

So he answered an ad,
he thought "I must be mad!"

He found his dream date,
one that him liked to skate!

Liv Hubbenback was her name,
but all that is the same...

for when he saw her...

His heart made a jump
and she thought "Him I'd really like to thump!"

December 6


Johanna said...

Oh, this is so much fun. Fru Hubbenback found a guy! I can't really think of a poem but he will give Liv Hubbenback the strawberry penguin blanket because he wants her to be warm and he would very much like to kiss her just like the little birds seem to kiss each other :)

cross street workshop 2 said...

Well well they both thought
What have we got here
I rather like what has turned up
and they both bought the other a very lovely cup.

The cups they were pretty
and they filled them to the top
but they never got drunk
as off to bed they did hop!

Hmmmmm must work on my rhymes they both murmered but they sank into slumber before they could!!