Saturday, 4 December 2010

December 5

Sven Fänkål was lazy,
not to mention a little bit crazy...

Although one good quality he had,
in that he never got sad.

Things could go wrong all day long,
all Sven would do was burst into song!

He had lived in this house all his life.
First with his mother and now with his wife.

December 5

Don't forget to e-mail us your postal addressees so we know where to send the lucky winner the parcel!

This is how it works; every day we open up the doors to todays house. And you tell us what he or she is planning to give to her/ his partner or friend or relative ( from the Isak shop ) for Christmas and why. You can even throw in a little christmas rhyme if you like!

Send us an e-mail or post a comment here on the blog - or simply buy something in the shop, and you will take part in todays draw. A box of Isak goodies is leaving the house to find a new home every day until Christmas!


Johanna said...

whenever his wife would say
"sven take out the tray,
with the dirty cups and plates!"
his memory quickly fades
of what he was supposed to do.
his wife was sick of him doing so.
so for christmas this year,
she thought hard and very dear,
but had simply no idea
about what to get,
that he would never forget
to take out the tray.
but one day she cried "Hooray!
Trays as pretty as can be
have I seen at ISAK for me."
and she happily bought some cups and a tray,
so that her husband would take on christmas day,
the tray and the cups out the way
and they would have a happy day :)

okay, technically, this is his wife buying something for him but English isn't my mother tongue so this was already hard enough for me :)
Quite fun though, thank you for the challenge!

ISAK said...

Brilliant Johanna! e-mail us your address!

Frau Mayer said...

I loved the poem about the lonely forest mouse! I might come up with something mouse-themed, too. Lovely blog!

Johki said...

Sven knew he was lazy
and felt sorry for his lil' wifey

He loves her very much though
and hopes she will never leave him and go

He will give her a Familjen tablecloth
it does not matter if you spill some broth

it's easy to wipe clean
and he's not needed on the scene!