Saturday, 4 December 2010

December 4

Fru Hubbenback bought a house in the harbour,
it was just after she divorced that barber.

It was all she could afford at the time,
she was just glad to get rid of that slime...

Instead of her usual hobby of skating,
she was now internet dating.

Looking for a well fit young boy,
that she could use as her toy...

and a really rich man that would look after,
for Mrs Hubbenback was not a grafter.

Her settlement was poor,
and to further rub salt in the sore...

It was rumoured that the barber,
had moved in with a chick in the very same harbour...
He was now rich and jolly,
owned a big house with its very own folly!

December 4


next door Laura said...

Fru Hubbenback,
Shouldn’t jump in the sack,
Too quickly with just any e-suitor.

The barber’s old schtick,
Will soon wear on the chick,
And he’ll run to Fru H. to re-woo her.

She’ll get sweet reward,
When she makes him beg hard,
‘Fore she lets him come back to her boudoir.

She would like the birchwood Oak Tree Tray for serving up tea and a good dollup of gossip about her awful ex.

ISAK said...

Brilliant Laura! MAde us all smile here! Well done!

ISAK said...

Oh, and Laura - e-mail us your address!!!

cross street workshop 2 said...

Landsby Wallpaper should be a good bet
to cover her rooms with such fun
she can ignore her ex hun
and pinch a young bum
when she finds a good date on the net

cross street workshop 2 said...

Just in case I do well and you decide my poems are worthy then but I am very aware poem composition at school was definately not my strong point!
But fun trying to find silly rhymes!

Johki said...

Mrs. Hubbenback's life is upside down
she would like to be safe and sound

She's looking for Mr. Right
but the future does not look very bright

She's going too fast
not thinking to much of her past

Blossom&Bill cup she bought for herself
as she thinks they look so happy together
Mrs. Hubbenback would like to find someone too
and be happy – forever.

Blossom and Bill said...

Mr Hubbenback's new girl is twenty years old,
She's pretty and rich and does what she's told.

While the old Mrs Hubbenback clicks on her browsers,
And optimises her search engines for anything in trousers.

That's enough for now, it's already the fifth,
And we haven't even thought of a wonderful gift.

Maybe a cup or a tray or some bedding,
How about a bucket to put Hubbenback's head in!

Can we have a pink mug?... We haven't got one...