Thursday, 2 December 2010

December 3

No one lives in this house,
but for a quiet forest mouse.
He is nice and fat,
and sleeps in a comfy bed from an old hat.

He eats cheese from the larder,
every day it gets harder and harder...
As the cheese grows older,
the nights grow colder...

His wish is to find another mouse,
to move in and to share his house.
Someone during frosty nights to cuddle,
so he won't in the hat alone have to huddle...

December 3


Kelly said...

so cute, my favourite so far!

Johki said...

Mr Mouse is hoping to find Miss Mouse
to bring sunshine in this empty house
he is secretly saving some pieces of cheese
so he can Miss Mouse pleasantly please
he bought a Familjen tray
now all he does is pray
because he wishes she was already here
so they could breakfast together share.

next door Laura said...

The little mouse will give a penguin blanket to a friend. Mice like to be cozy above all else. I have heard they are quite fond of penguins, although they would never want to be one.

ISAK said...

Brilliant! Keep posting!

cross street workshop 2 said...

I think I'll take a breadboard
but bread it will never see
For cheese it will hold
and if I may be so bold
may all our christmasses be Merry!

A rather lopsided cheesy limeric from a cheese loving mouse.

ISAK said...

Don't forget to email us your addresses!