Friday, 17 December 2010

December 18

This village has tradition,
it's now almost a superstition.

That one night in December,
for as long as anyone remember...

You must of Vodka take a sip,
then in the icy water take a naked dip.

If you don't do the jump,
the men believe they will never again do the hump...

For it is bad luck,
makes your mind become unstuck...

to not in winter swim,
on a superstitious whim.

December 18


Anonymous said...

Ooo, so naughty, naughty! I like it!

Linda said...

Nils, a young lad from the town
was eager to lay a girl down.
He came out of the sea
yelling -were could it be?
My "thing" is gone he said with a frown.

ISAK said...

Ha ha! Linda! Send us your address!!! info(at)