Friday, 17 December 2010

December 17

House seventeen,
is always sparkling clean.

Uncle Torsten lives here,
with his old reindeer.

All the animals he feeds,
for all the birds he puts out seeds.

People mistake Torsten for someone they know,
someone when they were little came troddig through the snow...

December 17

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next door Laura said...

Uncle Torsten I declare,
Your flowing beard and silvery hair,

Remind us of a childhood vision,
Fueled by sweets and figgy puddin’,

Could it be that you’re the one,
Who used to bring us Christmas fun?

That’s okay, don’t say word,
Wink wink, nudge nudge, it’s understood.

Linda said...

Torsten is dreaming away,
when he was young it was work all day.
He travelled the hole world around,
and everywhere new friends he found.
Now he´s not so young anymore,
tired and not so strong as before.
Today he is wrapping up a small oak tree tray,
a christmas gift for a friend that helpt him without delay.
When Torsten from his old work had to take a pause
it was taken over by his younger brother named Claus...