Wednesday, 15 December 2010

December 15

Everyone in the harbour,
including Mrs Hubbenback's old barber,

comes to this hotel every year at least once,
for sampling their delicious christmas scones.

People then dance all night long,
till the last early morning song.

People usually get drunk and jolly,
some might need to be taken home in a trolley...

Everyone talks about this event,
no one thinks of how much money they've spent.

Because when it comes to having fun,
nothing beats a night at Hotel Hunnygunn.

December 15

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Momichka said...

Love the house, love the colors, love the poems.
Great job!

Karin said...

whenever they feel sad and blue

they drink a cup of tea from a warm landsby cup for sure

the houses on them remind them of the harbour and the hotel

- where life just went well -

on their lips the sugar and a humm

in their dreams their back at hotel hunnygunn

Michele Payne said...

I wish I could go to Hotel Hunnygunn!
It sounds lovely indeed, as are your site, blog and designs xx

Heidi said...

A nigt on hotel Hunnygunn... yes please...

Kari said...

nothing like a hous with crooked windows.

ISAK said...

Guys, email us your addresses so we can get some parcels out!

Henriette said...

Love it