Monday, 13 December 2010

December 12

She loves tea sipping,
and skinny dipping...

December 12


Lou @ Little Green Shed said...


Just a query really. I left a comment on your 1st day of xmas, and you asked me for my address... which I gave. I am worried that it has been lost in the post! I haven't recieved anything yet. Sorry... lou xx

ISAK said...

I'm sure its not lost! Just takes sooo long in these christmas times and the back log from the snow we had... Sorry about that!

Johki said...

She will her clothes off take
and jump into the icy lake
hey it's winter
so it's hole in the ice
but she is so wise
when she jumps back to the shore
she goes home and closes the door
and will wrap herself in the strawberry penguin blanket
which she bought herself as a present.

ISAK said...

Oh Johki, you're brilliant!