Friday, 9 July 2010

New packaging

Some snap shots of the new boxes for our lidded cups. What do you think?! They will be sold in two's.


Anne Bronnenberg said...

they look just great!

Amy Hauschild said...

Absolutely beautiful, worth getting the cups for the box!!
I live on Mols near Aarhus. moved here after 8 years of London living..
Love Sweden too and the language and Bo Kaspers Orkester which we saw here 3 years ago!
love your designs I must get on with mine when I have time! just become a mum myself and am indulging in her progress!
hows super Nova coming along??

Marie said...

Oh just great! two in one! cups and a beautiful box for your memories!
Kram from Marie and Anna on a sunny and warm porch :)

Karina Lange said...

Hvor mye koster de ?
Kan ikke finne webshop´en deres.
Kan du sende meg en link ?

Tusen takk!

ISAK said...

Sorry Karina, these are just hand made mock ups we have done. The product run won't be done until september. But in the meantime you can find some ISAK goodies at

ISAK said...

Amy, we were practically next door earlier then! ( We lived in Kolding!) SuperNova is doing great thanks! ;) Had forgotten about Bo Kaspers, love them! ( Been away from Sweden for too long...)