Monday, 31 May 2010

Silly Dilly

One day last week we had an early midsummer lunch. Potatoes boiled in salt and dill, pickeld herring and sourcream with chives. Not to forget the schnapps of course!


Sweet Memories said...

Beautiful pics!:)And the potatoes cooked with dill,sounded lovely.I use my milkbottle to keep flowers in too,smugled a couple with me from england.;)The casserole is fraiche,love the colour.Thanks for the inspiration,I will be looking for some dill next time in the supermarked;)

ISAK said...

Yes, dill is a must in summer! :) Milk bottles are great for all sort of things! Once, one was used as a toilet in a desperate situation. ( By the 6 year old, by the way... ) :)