Saturday, 22 May 2010

Name up date

We're having some great suggestions coming in! Keep them coming though - we haven't quite decided yet. Some great names were generated last night. Thanks Paul and Monica and Monja! The suggestion Cosmo turned in to Cosmic. The norwegian suggestion of Egil turned into Eagle and there we go - Cosmic Eagle! What a name! But... the pressure of having to live up to that name, nah, we can't be that cruel, can we?


deedeen said...

Oh, congrats! I'd like to suggest some names too:


Best regards from Switzerland!

Bows and Sparrows said...

Skylar Xavier

ISAK said...

Oh yes! Love that one... bit star warsy though...

MissIndiestyle said...

Congrats!!! I like Nicolás, Rai,Unai,,

Sweet Memories said...

Aww,he is too cute!:)
Must laugh a little...cosmo eagle:D
My hubby had to live with now and then being called called Trond "Egg"le for six years in UK.(Although he liked his poached egg in the morning;))

I know understand why royalties have six to eight names ,their parents simply could not choose...:D
I nearly cant wait to hear what you end up choosing for him:D

Kindest regards,Monja

Psst: Bono :D

Sweet Memories said...

The Royal off course...not royalties;):)

Petra said...

Hi Sandra,

Congratulations with the birth of your son. Enjoy this special moment of your life.
Some suggestions for a boysname.
Mats, Guus, Timo, Lars, Quinten, Vincent.
Best regards, Petra

ISAK said...

We had some fantastic suggestions from the Norwegian blog. And Theo 6 suggested Lady GaGa - it's a good one!

Sweet Memories said...
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Sweet Memories said...

Came to think about the name in Forest Whitaker.
Came to think about it when I saw the back of the blossom/bill tray.(sustainable forest...and I knew Forest is a boysname too)
I will not suggest Woods in Tiger Woods.....;):)
Lady GaGa:-D...your Theo seems sweet with a well established sense of humor:)

ISAK said...

Indeed! :)

effy said...

Such a cutie!
Looks like a solid little guy. What about Arne? It means Eagle (Örn) if you didn't already know...

ISAK said...

No we didn't know that! Arne. Yeah, maybe. Eagle sounds better though! :)