Monday, 19 October 2009

Oour new totes!

We're waiting for out new totes to arrive. This is how they will look, an over all harvest print in brown and turquoise. We really like this packaging for our trays. And even better, our customers seem to really like it! No packaging to tear off and throw away, no waste. Just a really practical tote!



so lovely!

Amy Hauschild said...

these really do look gorgeous and they are a brilliant idea for packaging!

Yuna said...

the best lovely packaging than ever \o/

ISAK said...

Thank you for your wonderful comments!

Mila said...

Oooh I am SO deeply in love with your designs...
It's really amazing how you come up with such lovely, original and happy stuff!

I am planning to do a BIG post about Isak on my blog soon, so if you'd like to visit my blog, I'd be greatly honoured.

Thanks for so much happiness and inspiration!