Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Memory number 7

The attic was hidden above squeaking stairs, high up in my grandparents red-timbered farmhouse. The attic was only opened on special occasions, letting ripe wood smells permeate the house. The first occasion was Christmas, when regular access to the freezer was required. The second was in the summer and the third was in the winter.

In summer and winter you needed blankets. There were stacks of them. The white and yellow ones were for summer and the dark grey ones for winter. The summer blankets had belonged to great grandma Svea and the dark ones had come from Norway, where great grandad David had fought in the war. They were heavy and warm and spoke of memories.

They saved us from frostbites when our fingers had turned to icicles after long afternoons of snowball-fighting. They provided a soft padding from pebbles and twigs when we were sun bating. It was always an adventure when we were sent up into the attic to fetch the blankets. Each time we would find and open yet another dusty box and let out its forgotten memories. The Isak Penguin blanket has been made in honour to Inger & Olle and in memory of Svea & David.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Penguin blanket

We are very proud of our blankets, a traditional Scandinavian product to shield out the cold, or just to snuggle up under on a rainy day. Our blankets are made from pure 100% new Norwegian wool and the wool comes from sheep on fresh Norwegian mountain pastures. This means that you get a soft, comfortable and airy blanket – that is robust enough to last and remain comfy and functional for many years. Wool is a natural product with unique properties; it insulates well, it is environmentally friendly, it can absorb moisture without loosing its ability to insulate, it is naturally flame retardant – and it is dirt repellent. These blankets are made in perfect harmony with nature. Enjoy!

Cinnamon Løve

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Top Drawer

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Spring news

We have some new exiting products that we will be launching at Top Drawer, Jan 13-15. We will be in stand J3. Hope to see you there! We are bringing out some lovely wooden coasters, new kids educational posters and our very first textile product - a 100% wool blanket.