Friday, 14 March 2008

Magic hands

There is this girl, this pale Danish girl with black hair and washed out jeans. A red leather bag and green sneakers. We’ve seen her around. With her dry and chipped hands - she creates magic. The most beautiful and sensual forms – we have ever seen! She is a Danish ceramicist, loured to London in the promise of love. Love failed. Career did not. Her name is Merete Rasmussen. She is currently exhibiting at the V&A and other galleries through out London, England, Paris, Sweden, Denmark and Wienna.

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instantanés said...

Oh, i've just discovered your and i'm so happy ! I love your work ! Bravo, bravo ... and thanks the - beautiful - shop Little Circus where i bought 2 kids cups (with the animals ... they are just PERFECT) By By and thanks from France !